5 Reasons You Should Renovate Your Deck Right Now

It’s only natural that, over time, your timber decking is going to reach the end of its lifespan. No matter how well you take care of it, timber decking will suffer under constant exposure to the elements, and it will fade, rot, and weaken.

If your home is like many others in Brisbane, your timber and decked areas—pool decks, patios, or outdoor structures like pergolas—are probably starting to show the signs of age. You might even be dreading the task of replacing or restoring them, and wondering if it’s worth the effort and expense. But if you’re putting off attending to your timber areas, there’s a few reasons why you should finally make the time to renovate—and the benefits go even further beyond savings in your back pocket.

Boost your property value

A lot of the value of your property is tied up in how well you’ve maintained it. While land and property values will change over time—generally increasing in Brisbane, despite the natural and economic catastrophes we’ve seen in recent years—an individual valuation of your house’s worth depends a lot on how much work there is to bring it back to sparkling. It’s important to attend to weathered areas of your home if you’re hoping to fetch the highest possible price on the market, to increase your resale speed, or even just to revalue for refinancing.

Looking after your timber and decked areas is also important for protecting your livelihood. Good maintenance improves the attraction of the property to prospective tenants if you’re planning to rent it out, safeguarding against the property sitting vacant for long periods of time. You could even be liable for accidents if your timber is weak, and aside from the human cost of injury in the event that a tenant puts their foot through a decking board, you could be in legal and financial trouble for failing to provide a safe environment, so it’s never a bad time to get onto your renovation.

Protect your family

Renovating or replacing outdoor decks, patios and pergolas is one of the best ways to create safe environments for your children. And when your children have a safe place to play, it’s easier for your family to enjoy spending quality time together in a nice environment, without the stress of worrying whether a little one is going to hurt themselves on something they shouldn’t be getting into.

Old decking boards are rough and full of splinters, and in some cases, rusty nails that have come loose over time. Rotting timber is also a health hazard, and can be full of all sorts of nasties. Restoring or replacing your outdoor timbers is the best way to bring your decked and timber areas back to soft, smooth and clean surfaces that you can enjoy without worry.

These days, it’s also much easier than it used to be to achieve a high-quality finish when replacing decking: there’s an ever-increasing range of innovative products on the market to help with things like narrowing the gaps between decking boards or concealing decking screws. These products help to reduce the time you need to spend to get a great looking result, as well as going a long way towards reducing accidents from snags and trips.

Create outdoor rooms

Queensland’s warm climate is perfect for outdoor living, and if you’ve got the space for timber decks, patios or pergolas, you should make the most of it by bringing the outside in.

If your interiors are feeling a bit cramped for entertaining or family life, renovating your decked and timber areas could be a financially viable alternative to renovating the inside of your house. With the right planning, it’s possible to add whole rooms to your home—rooms where you can breath fresh air and smell the flowers in the garden.

Taking the time to renovate your decking could transform your living areas into versatile and refreshing places to relax, changing the way your family interacts and communicates. For the improvement in your family’s lifestyle, hosting capacity, and mood, the expense of refreshing your timber is well worth it.

Improve your health

Somewhere in the hubbub of advancing technology, Australians joined the rest of the developed world in spending more and more time inside, separated from the natural environment. There are proven links between reduced outdoor physical activity and reduced health—and even more confronting is the evidence that our increasing focus on indoor play is contributing to obesity and poor cognitive development in our children.

Simply put, human beings—especially children—need to be outside. Being outdoors improves our attention spans, boosts serotonin in our brains and helps to improve our moods, and keeps us healthy with a regular dose of vitamin D. It’s possible to reap the benefits offered by nature even when our yards and outdoor living spaces are small: outdoor decks and patios are the perfect way for us to enjoy the natural texture of timber, get fresh air into our lungs, and feel the sun on our skin. While the expense and effort of renovating your deck has obvious financial benefits in improving the livability and value of your property, the immeasurable benefits of health and wellbeing you’ll get are even more of a reason to get started now.

It’s easier than ever

Perhaps the best reason to get started on renovating your decks, patios or pergolas is just how easy it really is. You’ll find heaps of helpful products and techniques on the internet and in hardware stores if you want to do it yourself, but it’s often less expensive and much faster to rely on outdoor living professionals.

Australian Garden Furniture Company are Brisbane based specialists in restoring and renovating outdoor living areas. We lovingly crafting outdoor living spaces to bring nature back into your home, and coaxing out the natural beauty in your existing timbers. We offer complete solutions to your outdoor living needs: besides helping you with building, renovating or restoring timber decking, timber pergolas, timber decked patios, and timber furniture, we can help you fit out your space with the finest handcrafted outdoor furniture on the market.

Contact us anytime to see how we can help you bring your outdoor living areas back to life, and we’d love to be part of restoring your family’s home and health.

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