4 Ways to Get Your Outdoor Entertaining Area Ready For Summer

Summer is on its way—and if your outdoor entertaining areas are looking a bit drab and neglected, now is the perfect time to refresh them so you can enjoy the long days and balmy nights of the coming warm months. If you’re looking out over your yard with a sense of trepidation, don’t worry: there are a few simple jobs you can do to get your outdoor spaces ready for relaxation and entertainment throughout the silly season.

1. Make space for making spaces

Has your garden and lawn become a little out of hand over the winter? Rolling your sleeves up and getting stuck into some clearing and weeding will go a long way towards creating the lovely and liveable yard you need for entertaining, as will doing some homework on how to look after your greenery. But if the thought of it is overwhelming, consider hiring some help: garden services are surprisingly affordable these days, and many local teams are experienced in tackling even the most overgrown spaces. They also know the tricks of the trade like getting your lawn greener, healthier, and bindii-free, which paves the way to a more relaxing and enjoyable entertaining area all summer.

Once you’ve got the bare space, you’ve also got a blank canvas. Is this the year to invest in the decking, pergola or patio you’ve been dreaming about? Outdoor furniture is always a wise investment, adding value to your property and making your home attractive to potential buyers or tenants—but it could also be the renovation that has the biggest impact on your lifestyle for the better.

2. Add a pop of colour

It doesn’t take much to switch your brain into party mode: just a pop of colour to break up the neutrals. Brightly coloured pots and planters are an inexpensive way to inject some pizzazz into a tired outdoor entertaining area, especially when they’re holding some striking succulents that will bring an edgy look to the space and a unique talking point for your guests. Bold throw cushions, seat cushions, outdoor rugs, ottomans, and daybed accessories are also a great way to cultivate liveliness in the area, with the added benefit of bringing layers of texture to improve the comfort and tactile experience of your furnishings. Because they won’t break the bank, you can also change them on a whim, or with the seasons when you feel like embracing a different colour palette.

For just a little more work, you can make an even bolder statement with a tin of paint. If you’ve got some brickwork, a concrete-rendered wall or timber screening, consider splashing it with one of your favourite tones. And think outside the box: pinks—especially hot pink—are on trend right now, especially when paired with bright foliage like cactuses and succulents for a tropical, south-of-the-border feel.

3. Plan for the long haul

If you want to entice your family and guests outside for long days and nights in the warmth, think in longer timeframes. Queenslanders know all too well that there’s often four seasons in a summer day—involving heat, rain, and even a little chill—and fostering a sense of wellbeing and relaxation in your outdoor entertaining area involves having a solution for all of them.

The most important factor to consider in getting your outdoor spaces ready for summer is cover. Obviously, permanent structures like pergolas and roofing are best for truly weather-resistant entertaining. But if you’re on a budget, you can still beat the heat with shade cloths and sails, which are an affordable way to add SPF-rated cover and shade to your space. Make sure to track the sun’s path over your yard, and place your sails where they’ll block the sun morning, noon and night.

And don’t forget, in Queensland, your family and guests could be under attack from insects at any given time: flies in the day, and mosquitos at night. Outdoor furniture Brisbane often involves reliance on bug spray for the entire time you’re outside, however, instead you could consider hanging sheer curtains or netting in your space: it adds a delicate decorative touch that looks great against timber furniture and greenery, with the added benefit of chemical-free insect blocking.

4. Encourage lazy days

The most successful outdoor areas don’t have a time limit on them: they’re thoughtfully planned to accommodate your family and guests in all weather, and encourage outdoor living at any time of the day. Creating an entertaining area with somewhere to eat, somewhere to rest, and somewhere to socialise is easy with the right pieces of furniture.

Timber benches and coffee tables are a great way to encourage little visits with friends throughout the day, helping you make time for coffee and a chat in the sunshine. Stainless steel, glass, and timber tables and chairs are all great options for creating ambient alfresco dining experiences: when they’re made with high-quality materials, they’ll not only withstand the weather but they’ll bring rich textures and aesthetics to your space. Bar stools and tables help to cultivate a lighthearted and fun atmosphere, keeping your family and friends in an energetic mood throughout the day as lunch turns into an afternoon and evening of partying. And finally, incorporating daybeds into your outdoor living areas gives your family and guests somewhere to recline, keeping them outside and in company even when they’re starting to feel the pleasant sleepiness of the cold beer, warm weather, and long days.

At Australian Garden Furniture Company, we’re experts in all-weather outdoor living. Because we believe all Queenslanders should be able to enjoy the beauty of their natural environment all year round, we handcraft our outdoor furniture from the finest timbers, designing each piece to stand the test of time against the harshest climates. Feel free to contact us any time, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions about our gorgeous furniture products, or to help you plan and create your summer living areas this season.

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