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Deck chairs are one of the most important outdoor furniture items that people want to have in their outdoor area. In Brisbane, there are a large number of deck chair manufacturers who make deck chairs in different designs and shapes. Let’s look at the different deck chair options available in Brisbane.

The best deck chairs in Brisbane are made of strong and beautiful A-grade Kwila timber. Kwila is one of the strongest and most durable materials used for making outdoor furniture. They are the strongest known furniture materials as they are resistant to heat, water and UV light. However, like all timber furniture, if your deck chairs are exposed to the Brisbane sunshine repeatedly, the timber will fade to a silvery grey. Sanding back and re-staining your deck chairs will easily transform them back to their former beauty.

Next, let’s talk colours. Deck chairs usually come with strong, mould resistant canvas backs and seats, which come in a huge range of different colours to complement your existing furniture and your personal tastes. They can be plain solid colours, patterns or stripes – the choices are almost endless! They are so easy to clean too – usually just a quick brush off is needed to get rid of dirt, but they are easily sponged as well for more permanent stains.

Deck chairs can be made in a collapsible design which means they can easily be transported and used anywhere. Not all deck chairs are made this way, some are made in a solid chair design. Whichever design you choose, shopping for deck chairs in Brisbane is easy – just choose the best quality timber you can to ensure years of use and choose colours you love.

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