Making your outdoor space family friendly

When you’re raising a family, your outdoor entertaining area isn’t just a space for cocktail parties. It’s an important part of your lifestyle, and a valuable instrument in taking care of your children’s health and development. But it’s not always easy to get your kids outdoors—especially if your yard is looking dreary and uninviting.

But with new avenues of design inspiration emerging all the time, and more and more creative landscape artists and architects pushing the boundaries of the ordinary, some truly unique trends are emerging in outdoor living. If you’re looking for ways to make your outdoor space both visually appealing and exciting for your little ones, there are a few things you to consider that could really transform your backyard into a haven for family-friendly fun.

Multi-purpose trampolines

One surprising trend making the rounds in Brisbane outdoor design is the repurposed trampoline. If you’ve already got one, you’ll know how much energy your children can expend in jumping and play, and just how long something so simple can occupy them. But many people—especially those families with limited outdoor space—are jumping on board with new ways of using their trampolines. If you’re running short on room and looking for more ways to spend time outside with the kids, consider making your trampoline an extra lounging space by padding the edges, throwing on some cushions, and hanging shade sails over the top. If you’re not a fan of the idea, kick back with a brew at your coffee table instead and let the kids bounce their way to a good night’s sleep.

Outdoor cinemas

There’s no need to compromise on the luxuries of modern technology while you’re enjoying your outdoor entertaining area. Installing a TV in an outdoor space is easy enough with the right advice, and there are lots of waterproof enclosure options available on the market at reasonable prices if you’re not prepared to custom design one. For families wanting to get outside in the warm winter sunshine and celebrate the footy season, it’s a perfect way to watch the game with friends and a BBQ lunch. And if you’re looking for a more cinematic experience, think about putting up an outdoor screen for backyard movie nights: projector systems are quite affordable these days, and the right bean bags, squatter’s chairs, or daybeds could take it to the next level of entertainment luxury.

Cubby cabanas

Adding in a cabana makes any outdoor living space a haven for enjoying nature in comfort. But to make your outdoor entertaining areas as family friendly as they are comfortable, think about installing multiple or sectioned cabanas—one for the adults to relax with a drink and good company, and one for the kids to play fort. Cabanas are a great option for families: painting the frames white and adding some sheer drapes or fairy lights brings a whimsical feel to any yard, perfect for entertaining on any occasion. You can furnish cabanas with just about anything from daybeds, to squatter’s chairs, to outdoor dining suites. You don’t need anything extra to make it fun for the kids—the same curtains and cushions will do nicely for their own private little play area—but if you’re prepared to make a more permanent commitment to entertaining the little tykes, there’s always the option of installing or building a proper play house.

Kids-only game spots

One of the more popular trends in landscaping and garden design right now in Brisbane is the game lawn. Queenslanders all the time are trying to take advantage of the year-round sun and fresh air, and get their whole family outdoors with garden games. It’s easy to designate a patch of grass or paved area with room for fun games like chess, croquet, or quoits, where everyone can join in and enjoy their free time together. But if you’re looking to create a space that’s just for the kids, consider incorporating some of their favourite outdoor activities. See-saws, trampolines and swing sets are certain to keep them occupied for hours. It’s also easy to paint a wall with chalkboard paint for the little artists in the family, paint some hopscotch squares on a concreted area, or install a sandpit where they can busy themselves all morning—while you kick back with a cuppa and a magazine on a nearby garden seat.

Sports spaces

One of the best ways to make your outdoor space both family and fitness friendly is by designating some areas for sports. If you’ve got the lawn space, the know-how and the commitment to maintaining the lawn, think about making a mini golf course. It’s tonnes of fun for everyone, and great for improving your kids’ hand-eye coordination and persistence with learning new skills. For families that need to work a bit more cardio into their routines, transforming a concrete area into a basketball court is also an affordable and easy way to get everyone outside and get their heart rates up. And if you’ve already got gym equipment gathering dust in the garage, think about transforming one corner of your yard into a workout zone where your family can incorporate positive changes into their lifestyle while you’re enjoying each other’s company.

All of these options are great choices for creating a family-friendly outdoor entertaining area. But if you’re only in the market for making small changes to your existing outdoor space, all it takes is a small investment in some high-quality outdoor furniture: make the most of the temperate Brisbane weather all year round with stainless steel and timber dining tables, chairs, bars and bar stools, and garden seats from the Australian Garden Furniture Company. Our handcrafted pieces are as durable as they are elegant—they’ll bring sophistication to any outdoor space, but they’ll also be invaluable in helping you to enjoy spending time with your family in the fresh air. Contact us anytime for more information about any of our products, and we’ll be happy to help.

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