The Benefits of Custom Made Outdoor Furniture

When you’re creating a deck or renovating your patio area, you sometimes find that some of your old outdoor furniture doesn’t exactly fit with the new style and by fit, I don’t just mean physically. However, at times, renovating can create a size issue too. That’s where buying custom made outdoor furniture plays a role.

Custom furniture is often bought more for the aesthetic appearance than the actual quality, especially because it’s going to be going outside and not inside your home where people tend to notice defects in the furniture more often.

The benefits of buying from a local Brisbane timber outdoor furniture specialist are that you get to tell them exactly what it is you are looking for. Plus you get to provide them with the dimensions of your deck or patio so that they can provide you with furniture that actually fits well in your outdoor area. While quality isn’t always a priority if custom craftsmanship, it really does help you out in the long run because it is less likely to discolour or fall apart due to natural elements like rain, heat, humidity or cold.

Buying custom made outdoor furniture is a smart way to shop but hand-made outdoor furniture prices tend to fluctuate throughout the year. Your best option is to look for deals around the closing months of the year like November or December. That’s when stores and suppliers want to do away with their old pieces of furniture in order to make room for new ones. Another great advantage of buying directly from the supplier is the discounts. However, if you order something that is going to look like it could be on Architectural Digest you better expect to fork over some more money.

Before buying custom made outdoor furniture, it’s important to create a blueprint of the area and how you want it to look. Discuss it with your husband or wife as it will be something for everyone to enjoy. Determine if the furniture you’re buying, like a sofa, will hold all of your family members and guests. After all, outdoor furniture will usually be used to accommodate social gatherings like barbecues, birthday parties, outdoor church ladies groups and who knows what else. You also want to make sure that there is enough room on the table to seat everyone. However you want to be wary of the dimensions of your patio or deck.

Also keep in mind to protect you custom made outdoor furniture. If you know it’s going to rain, cover them up with a tarp. If you have pets, especially large dogs, make sure they’re not jumping up and down on them, the same goes with kids who love to horseplay while they’re outside. This is what we were referring to when we said that custom made furniture is more about the look and less about the quality. So don’t assume that it will be as sturdy as the conventional outdoor furniture.

There is another advantage to buying from a local supplier and that’s that you get to inspect the furniture and ask questions on how they build the furniture, including what materials they use. While going for custom outdoor furniture might have its pros and cons it definitely gives you more power when it comes to choosing the look and style that you want.

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