Though the fundamentals of furniture have changed very little in the last few hundred years, there are trends that change quite rapidly, often seasonally. Outdoor furniture catalogues can change styles, colours, and even textures every year. Here we will cover some of the newer outdoor furniture trends, and hopefully assist you in finding the set that is right for you!

1. Furniture for 'outdoor rooms'

This is a pretty popular landscape or add-on move for homeowners as of late. An entire room, most of the time constructed with either partial walls or breathable walls and ceilings, are made part of homes outside decor. This is considered 'outdoor furnishing at its finest. Fill the room with your favourite outdoor fireplace and some really nice whether proof fabric-covered furniture and you have an entire area in which to enjoy mother nature – this also keeps the bugs out as well.

2. Wicker furniture

Today, wicker has so much more to offer than just your run-of-the-mill rocker. Everything from end-tables to bookshelves to chairs and ottomans are available, and that's not all. Wicker is inexpensive, versatile, attractive and lightweight. It is easy to clean and is appropriate for both outdoor and indoor settings.

3. Aluminium patio furniture

It is rust resistant and very easy to work with for manufacturers, making a variety of styles possible, and leaving itself open to the shaping and styling ideas of others. It stands up great in inclement weather, which is one of the best things about it, and you can purchase it upholstered, painted, or plain. The options are endless.

4. Elaborate colours and patterns

More now than ever you can find patio and outdoor furniture which permits you to express your personal style. Gone are the days of muted greens or browns, or that horrid grey-silver! If you are pink your patio furniture will be to if you so desire. Do it your way! Be creative and turn your back yard into a playful area for friends and family, or a romantic 'only-us' spot for those much need after work nights.

5. Teak

Today teak is one of the most popular woods used in the making of both outdoor furnishings, decor, and patio's themselves. It is durable and strong enough to maintain the integrity of its appearance for very long periods of time, it is resistant to insects, weather, and rot, and it will look great for a long time. Because of its beauty and ability to be maintained easily teak has proven itself the 'go-to' outdoor decor material in the last few years.

Our patios are as versatile as our homes and ourselves; they are direct extensions, really, when it comes down to it, and today more than ever before we are surrounded by countless options which allow us to make our homes, inside and out, belong to us even more.

Take a good look; shop around and see what you can do to transform your yard this year.

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